The dirty 12 and the clean 15

Happy Monday peeps!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I sure did! It involved swimming and sunshine, ice-cream and other delicious foods! 😀 I’m still getting used to blogging so once I remember to whip out the camera and click a few pictures during the cooking process, I will start posting some recipes. I’m usually just so hungry, I forget everything until the food is already in my belly! So will keep you all in mind next time 😉

For today, let’s talk organic…

I love to eat fruits and veg. Even ones that I really didn’t take notice of before e.g. blueberries, butternut squash, celery…etc. are now part of my weekly, if not daily, diet at the moment.  Imagine my surprise when I heard from a nutritionist about the dirty dozen a couple of weeks ago. I found out that I eat so many from the dirty section a day! Is this news to you guys too? Or did you already know?

For those of you as clueless as I, here is a list of the dirty dozen and the clean 15:



So, the fruits and veggies in the dirty 12 are those that are likely to be full of pesticides when bought non-organic. We tend to eat the thin skin that is full of pesticide residue and even when peeled the pesticides can seep through to the juicy fruit goodness. Apples are number 1 on the list….apples! Since I’ve heard of this I do try to purchase organic apples and as many of those from the list that they have available organically here. However, in Gib we have a local supermarket (Morrisons) that is really not in stock at all times, leave aside having organic goods. Another great option is purchasing fresh produce from the market place.

The clean 15, on the other hand, are fruits and veggies that have a thick skin protecting it from pesticides coming through and are the ones we usually peel.

For more info check out:

Some people try to grow their own fruits and veg to ensure that they are organic, but my balcony is quite small and the summer here is too hot for farming (but i have grown my own chillies!). So, I am going to keep my eyes open to get the best organic produce possible, but if they are not available, then I’m sure a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables surpasses the pesticide exposure.

On a happier note, I saw this yesterday and it made me choke up smile from ear to ear. I love cute proposals!! Enjoy:

Aaand in other news, I’m travelling tomorrow to……..San Francisco, followed by Las Vegas! 🙂 Super excited but so much to do!

Do you guys manage to live organically? 


One thought on “The dirty 12 and the clean 15

  1. Great, informative post! Also for what it’s worth, I’ve been blogging for over 2 years and still forget to whip out my camera ;)! Have the best trip- I went to Las Vegas a couple of years back and it really was a blast!

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