Vegas baby!

Hiii everyone,

Sorry I’ve been so MIA but I just got back from a business trip to Las Vegas! I have been there a few times, but always for fun, so this was a little different. Although I still managed to do lots of things that I wanted to in between work:

….Saw my little twin nephews in London. Aren’t they the cutest?! I love this picture because it was taken at the other side of the balcony door and you can see London through the reflection.

Ishaan and Rohan…our little munchkins

….Hung out with my cousin in San Francisco, she studies close by. We went to Fisherman’s Wharf and the best chocolate factory ever: Ghiradellis! I love that city so much. I would totally live there if I could! Even the airport has a yoga room:


This is actually a very usual thing for us to do! Loll

Yumm! Too bad they were 10 dollars for a pound.


Doesn’t chocolate make you feel so giddy? 🙂

Love San Fran and it’s hilly roads!

….Met a close university friend everyday I was there who also came for the business fair. It was just like old times.

….We went to see David Copperfield and the Titanic exhibition – both were fascinating and I highly recommend!

….Bought this book which I am super excited to try (i’m not vegan but i try to stay dairy free):

….I ate delicious foods and enjoyed the rare treat of Starbucks everyday. Here is a picture of some very pretty green tea ice cream!

This ice cream is definitely not dairy free…! 😉

And on the way back I stopped in London again for the babies first hair cut! We have a tradition on the 13th month where babies get their hair cut, apparently to allow their hair to grow nice and thick when they get older. They cried so much! But here is the end result, we are so proud of them:

Ishaan wearing two hats in theme with the jubilee weekend.

In other news, the flight from Las Vegas back to San Francisco was so scary! I’m talking about severe turbulence. The plane suddenly dropped and shook about 4 times in a row. People were screaming and crying, including the airhostess who had fallen onto a passengers lap (right opposite me). People had just been given drinks so there was juice and other beverages spilt all over. Afterwards everyone was shaking and its all anyone could discuss. I am surprised to recap that only three thoughts came into my head at that time:

  1. This is just like in the movies.
  2. Why don’t I ever pay full attention during all those safety videos?!
  3. I really hope I don’t die (and the praying commenced!).

But yey I survived to write this post! This trip was full of close calls, almost missed my connecting flight because of a delay and the taxi almost ran over a scooter when I arrived into Gib. I think life sometimes likes to spruce things up a bit and keep us on our toes!

So, now you are completely up to date! 😉 Needless to say I am glad to be home sweet home and ready to get back into routine! I found it so hard to be eat well in a hotel, do blueberry pancakes count?

Have you ever had a scary travelling experience? 


5 thoughts on “Vegas baby!

  1. Sonal, omg your trip sounds totally amazeballs!!! Ghiradelli chocolate HEAVEN you mean! Wow! Did you see the row of houses from the show ‘Full House’ ? I used to love that show when I was a kid! And uhhh hello you travel for work ?! Best job ever!!! Scary travel story = my gran, my sis and I on holiday in Mauritius! We’d been travelling around Mauritius using local public transport throughout our entire stay and near the end of our trip encountered a “friendly” bus conductor who severely short changed us on our bus fare. She was forced to give us our correct change by the bus driver and other locals on the bus…think she decided to take her anger out on us and conveniently ‘forgot’ to announce ONLY our bus stop on the entire route ( we were the only ones departing at this specific destination which was almost at the end of the bus route). More words were exchanged between the kind bus driver who was so angry with the conductor for not announcing our stop! Passengers were not allowed on the return bus journey…so we were forced to get off in middle of nowhere with a few houses surrounded by sugar cane…talk about being stranded! Randomly walked around trying to stay calm, found a farm worker eventually who directed us to next bus stop…we found it eventually YAY we were saved! We went on to have an awesome day after that horrendous morning and can laugh about the experience now!

    • Hahahah oh my gosh three ladies in survival of the fittest 😉 Atleast the bus conductor gave you a good story if nothing else, and thank god you found the farmer to direct you! You girls must have been panicking, i’m sure we would be! You’ve tried the Ghiradelli chocolates?! They are def. amazeballs 😀

  2. Haha I know right, what’s the sense travelling if you don’t come back with funny/scary stories lol! I actually haven’t tried Ghiradelli chocolates >sad panda face< but I have some mates who have and seen people online rave about them. Does it rival Lindt ?

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