The green monster

Green is my all time favourite colour.

When I was much younger I loved green because it meant “let’s goo!”  at the traffic lights. My mum’s favourite colour was red, of course, and I just did not understand it. I also enjoyed that green was the colour of nature, the grass and the trees. As I grew older, I still adored green because of the dazzle of emeralds and the taste of mint chocolate.  Now, although I appreciate all the things I did before, I find green more delicious than ever………avocados, olives, spinach, pistachios, green tea….need I go on ? 😉

Rocking my fav green outfit with matching buddy

And for the past few months I have become obsessed fallen in love with Angela’s green monster. What. A. Drink! Yes, it is kale/ spinach in a smoothie but the taste is so good and so refreshing. You have to trust me on this and try it!


1 peeled frozen banana*

2 handfuls of kale or spinach**

1 cup soya milk (or milk of choice)

1 tablespoon flax

1 teaspoon almond butter

1 handful blueberries (for extra anti-oxidants)

Just place all the ingredients in your good ol’ blender and mix away.

Blend it all up!

And you will get a beautiful green colour like so:

The green monster


*I peel the banana the day before and put it into a zip lock bag into the freezer so it is ready whenever I need it.

**kale is only recommended if your blender has a powerful grinding ability, if not you might get pieces of kale in your smoothie, in which case I would suggest sticking with spinach (which is much easier for blenders).

I only discovered kale when I started making this and i’m so glad I did because it has some super properties: it has cholesterol-lowering ability, risk-lowering benefits for cancer and its flavonoids combine both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Flax seed is another “superfood” included. It has this reputation primarily due to three ingredients: omega-3 essential fatty acids (1 tablespoon of ground flax has about 1.8g of plant omega-3s), lignans which have both plant estrogen and anti-oxidant properties, and fiber!

Plus banana, almond butter, soya milk and blueberries = drink made in nutritional heaven! 😀

Have a lovely weekend everyone! i’m off to go swimming, it is hot over here!

What is your favourite smoothie? 


10 thoughts on “The green monster

  1. OMG Green Monsters! I love them and have them as much as I can! If I’m out of spinach I like to do a banana pie type flavour smoothie with peanut butter, frozen banana, milk, vanilla essence and some cinnamon! Delicious! I haven’t tried kale as yet, I really want to! I haven’t seen it any stores over here! Have you tried Kale Chips? Check out, she has a great recipe for them! Enjoy your summery weekend, it’s all blustery and cold here!

    • Ok that anything to do with banana pie sounds amazing to me! and I have all of those ingredients!! 🙂 Even spinach is so good i usually substitute it when there is no kale available. Yes! I’ve tried her kale chips before but i don’t make it enough! South Africa is cold right now? I thought it would be super hot! Aww time to take a trip 😉

  2. Ahh green monsters are one thing which I can’t get on board with! I LOVE my greens but preferably in edible form! My sister however swears by these…she guzzles them every morning for breakfast! The one time I did try making one, I could still taste the spinach but to be fair, I was using a cheap-o blender. Perhaps I ought to give it another shot with my new blender! My current fave smoothie combo is soy milk, yogurt, frozen banana, frozen melon, xanthan gum and vanilla essence…so refreshing and tastes like a vanilla milkshake!

    • Haha oh no! Green monsters are to be drank, not chewed! So i can totally understand why the spinach puts you off, but pleasee try it again with your new blender, and as Renee said below try using baby spinach, before you make a definite decision. Or get your sister to make it for you, she seems to be a pro 😉 I keep hearing of xanthan gum….need to get my hands on some of that! Your vanilla milkshake sounds sooo yum!

  3. My smoothies are totally simple: brown rice protein powder, strawberries, coconut water. It’s all I can handle before work! This looks way, way better. 🙂

  4. Sonal, YES omg it’s winter here right now and it’s cold! I have a scarf on right now and a big jacket and I’m indoors at that lol! Well granted us South Africans on the east coast are pretty spoilt I mean it’s 15 degrees celsius and the sun is shining and this is cold to us 😛 (But it really is, haha!) Khushboo, you need to try green monsters again I have had best results with baby spinach ‘cos it just disappears into the smoothie when I’ve used normal spinach I get chunks of it in my smoothie (I still drank it though haha!) Sheesh your vanilla milkshake smoothie sounds amazing I am so trying that STAT!!! I’m a bit reluctant on trying xanthan gum, I’ve heard there are side effects ? And that you can get similar results in thickening smoothies with flax and chia seeds ? Have a great Monday ladies 🙂

  5. GREEN MONSTER!!!! The one healthy smoothie YOU got me addicted too! Also, love the picture… BTW- BEST BLOG EVER!!!!!!

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