June Favourites

Happy Monday y’all!

Mid-June is approaching (oh my gosh!) and summer is officially here. These are 10 things for the 6th month that I am loving right now:

1. Laura Mercier blush – “Rose bloom”. I have never seen my cheeks so vibrant!

2. Girl time – sunshine means more going out for drinks/ ice creams / dinners/ trips etc. Quality time with girlfriends is so therapeutic!

3. Shiseido sunblock for face (+50) – highly recommended for intense sun and gives a nice tint to cover up any blemishes.

Worth every penny

4. Lindt 75% cocoa chocolate – one square and your choc craving is fixed!

Dairy free dark chocolate

5. Smoothies – keep some fruit frozen so all you have to do is add some soya milk (and anything else in your pantry) and blend. Always turns out super refreshing. Hello, Green Monster!


6. My kindle – one of my best friends when travelling or whilst relaxing by the pool, any books to recommend? 🙂

7. Fresh juices – summer means dehydration so remember to keep drinking! Water can get a little boring so I feel very lucky that my mum goes out of her way to make sure we have either freshly squeezed orange juice, or juiced carrot + apple + celery + ginger juice everyday. Yummm!

Why yes they’re all for me, why do you ask?

8. Johnsons baby cream – moisturiser is so important for your face and your whole body especially during this season. After my Philosophy cream ran out, i decided to go back to basics. This 24 hour face cream and body lotion are so good, it worked when we were children and it works now.

Like parent and baby

9. Sandals – I love wearing mine and observing the fun designs everyone is wearing these days!

10. Mani + pedis – no more gloves and boots to cover up these bad boys, it’s all coming out and there’s nothing like fun colours to scream summer!

Monday posts will also start to set a challenge for the rest of the week. This week I am going anti-lifts/ elevators. That means steps all the way up to my apartment on the 5th floor and back down. You all are welcome to join me! If you live at a frighteningly high level then perhaps walk up as far as you can go and then catch the lift to the top. I don’t actually have many steps to get to work, but if you do, feel free to include those into your steps this week. The only gold pass for using a lift is if you have heavy grocery bags….lets not break our backs now 😉

And as per another Monday tradition, here is a video that actually cracks me up every time I see it. I love it when she starts dancing!


What are your summer favourites? 


4 thoughts on “June Favourites

  1. Love all your favorites, especially girl time and mani peds! Your challenge sounds great- I live on the 15th floor so perhaps I will semi-join your challenge and walk up half the amount ;)! Have you tried the Lindt Dark with Sea Salt? If not you must get your hands on a bar asap- “to die for” is the expression which comes to mind ;)!

  2. Yeyy!! Let me know how it goes for you! I’ll be doing it for the fourth time soon and I feel good 🙂 You know i haven’t tried it…yet! Conveniently the 70% has finished so i’ll be shopping for a new one later today and will definitely look out for it 😀

  3. Lindt Dark with Sea Salt. DROOL. I love it!!! I really don’t have many stairs at my house…like uh 12 total and I HAVE to walk up them to get to my house…I’m not such a baller yet with an elevator in my house hahaha! I am loving this Monday-challenge idea though!

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