Eating habits

Hiii everyone,

For those of you who are doing Mondays challenge, how are you finding it? In honour of steps week, I went up the Med steps again yesterday! It was great, actually went a lot faster this time only stopping to “look at the view” (which was really my excuse to get some breaths in!).

For today let’s talk about eating habits…

I never really paid much attention to the psychology of eating. I knew that evil Sonal comes out I get pretty annoyed in times of extreme hunger. Apart from that, I never took the time to explore these habits until I actually made a conscious effort to consume healthier foods. So, as I pretend to lie down on a psychologist’s sofa, I’m going to start from the very beginning:

I have always been a super slow eater. I think this originated way, way back when I was a little munchkin looking for ways to get out of “cleaning up the table” after a meal. I would eat nice and slowly so that my family would get fed up of waiting for me and start clearing up whilst I sat and enjoyed every last bite. Heh heh.

However this has become a true habit and now I literally am unable to eat at a quick speed……the joke is now on me! I am almost always the last one eating on the table and gobbling up food any faster makes me quite queezy. Sometimes, I treat my plate like a food marathon, with the need to pace myself and take “breaks” in between. Which is weird, right? It hit me a few days ago that this may just be my body signaling that it is content already and there is no need to stuff myself.

My lunch today required no breaks 😉

This made me wonder of other “traps” we usually succumb to when we eat that we are unaware of, and I came up with this check-list:

  1. Ask yourself: are you really hungry? Or is this desire to raid the fridge coming from boredom? If you come up with the latter then try to do something productive instead to distract yourself. If you need something to snack on whilst watching your favourite television show then prepare some carrot sticks/ bell pepper sticks in advance with hummus. The munching will give you the satisfaction you need minus the unnecessary calories!
  2. Stay focused. The moment you let your mind run wild you have lost this battle before you can say “green monster!” Thoughts become actions and thinking about the chocolate cake in the fridge will have you eating it in no time.
  3. If you are like me and need to take breaks in-between a meal, I believe your body is telling you that it’s good now and you can stop. The fact that I’m so slow and I watch people finish the same portion of food as me, I feel the need to do the same. Sometimes it could be because the food is so tasty I just want to stuff every last morsel in. But I have to remind myself that I can save it for later and this is not a food challenge.
  4. Start everyday with the intention of eating healthy and even if you treat yourself with a little something, always go back to the mindset you started with. In other words, never think that the day is “wasted” and that you can go on to gobbling up all the junk food possible and starting again tomorrow, because we all know what a slippery slope it is after that!
  5. Don’t be a “people pleaser” when it comes to food. I am guilty of this especially at restaurants. I don’t want people to think I’m being a snob by not sharing something I would not have ordinarily. But it’s okay to say no and there is no need to explain yourself.

This is what I’ve learnt in the past few months that I’ve changed my lifestyle. Some of the points may apply to you or maybe none at all. It just fascinates me to learn something new about myself that I never had a problem with before.

Have you noticed any eating habits you have to keep an eye on?


4 thoughts on “Eating habits

  1. Great post Sonal! I actually think it’s a great quality to be able to eat slowly- at least you’re more in tune with your body’s signals! I definitely agree about not being a people pleaser…many times in the past, I’ve eaten stuff I don’t want to just to get people to stop with the nagging but at the end of the day, there’s really no need to 🙂

    • Thanks K! It’s so true, and not just the nagging but I also feel bad if I say no and make others feel like they shouldn’t have it either (even though that is never the intention!) I’m happy that everyone is getting used to ignoring me now 😉 By the way i tried the Lindt dark sea salt choc and I am in lovee!

  2. Totally agree with Khusboo, great post! I love #4 especially! Sometimes I feel AH damn I ate that slice of cake, and chocolate oops crisps too and then you let your whole day go down the drain! I think for me it’s been to (and I haven’t mastered this yet either…portion control portion control, I need to say it like a mantra! Too often we become accustomed to bigger portions and our bodies just do not need that much food…and I do not need to clean my plate!

  3. Omg Renee this is the story of my life! Hahah. Portion control is too important, even in the case of nutritious food it is good to be mindful of how much you are actually eating! This is a learning curve and when once we get into the habit of stopping after a certain amount, there will be no need to be so mindful anymore 😉

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