Butternut squash Mac’n Cheese

Hey guys!

The weekend is here! And as a treat, I have the best recipe to share with you all today, I even remembered to whip out my camera and take a few pictures in all the excitement. This dish has actually changed my life. Its vegan, it is wildly delicious and has actually surpassed as my all time favourite pasta dish!

…………Ready for some fun?

This recipe is adapted from ohsheglows.com.

You will need a butternut squash

By the way, I had never tried butternut squash until I made this. Now I love this vegetable, look at that curvy figure:

And the rest of these ingredients:

3/4 cup cashews

1 cup non-dairy milk (more to thin out)

3 garlic cloves

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

2 tsp salt, or to taste

3-4 tbsp Nutritional yeast (provides the cheesy consistency)

1/2 tsp dijon mustard

1/2 tsp or a bit more of dried Italian seasoning

1/4-1/2 tsp Tumeric powder, optional (gives the orangey colour)

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Your pasta of choice (I use wholewheat penne)

The butternut squash

I like to shorten this recipe by already having the butternut squash prepared. To prepare the squash, cut it in half, peel the tough outer layer and remove the seeds, cutting the rest into cube-like pieces.

Keep it to roast at 180°C on top of foil for about 40 minutes.

Straight out of the oven

Once roasted, you can use it straight away or feel free to keep it in the fridge overnight if preparing in advance.

The “cheese” sauce:

Keep your pasta to boil and then continue with the sauce ingredients:

First, place the cashews into the blender to form a flour texture.

Then, add the rest of the ingredients except for the butternut squash into the blender.

Finally add the half the roasted butternut squash* (it is totally fine if this has been in your fridge from the day before) and blend again. If the mixture is thick then add more milk to thin it out.

Butternut squash goodness

Bringing it together

Drain the pasta when ready and mix with the sauce adapting the spices and seasoning as desired. I love to give mine a spicy kick. Add even more milk if thin out the sauce if needed.

Mix it up!

Comfort in a bowl

*This recipe is incredibly adaptable. You can use the other half of the squash for something else, such as a wrap, or simply add all of it into the blender (as I do). The mixture comes out quite thick but it is easy to take a few tablespoons of this, add it to the pasta, and thin it out with milk on the stove itself. The rest of the thick sauce can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days. This is so handy for an easy pasta dinner as the sauce can be added straight to the pasta and all that is needed is the addition of milk.

This recipe truly made me believe eating healthy could taste more delicious than anything else, so please try it!

This week has been so much fun and pretty hectic! I’ve had a great time catching up with old school friends, climbing the med steps, doing pilates and tonight I will be helping out in “Calentita” night. Since I’ve come back to Gib I like to take advantage of volunteering for all of these fun events. This one involves the Indian community selling food for a big fair held in the night time. Other stalls with different cuisines should be present and it is all to raise money for charity. I have been assigned as a “seller” and so will be taking people’s orders (I’ve always secretly wanted to be a waitress so this excites me more than it should lol!)

Have a happy weekend! 🙂

What are your favourite pasta sauces?


4 thoughts on “Butternut squash Mac’n Cheese

  1. I absolutely love butternut squash, especially roasted in the oven! Also the outer layer is edible (it’s my fave part) so that’s another time saver :)! My favourite pasta sauce is a simple marinara topped with parmesan- divine!

  2. Dudettes. You guys teach me so much everyday! I did not know you could eat the outer layer either! And this recipe sounds totally YUM gonna def try it soon, it so doesn’t even look remotely healthy! I love butternut roasted with some cinnamon, a sprinkling of brown sugar and a tiny bit of margerine. Divine! My favourite pasta sauce is arrabiata…I love me some heat!

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