Happy Father’s Day!

Hiii sweet peas!

Doesn’t Mother’s day usually get all the hype? Today I wanted to dedicate a post to celebrate my dad! The brains behind our family….whilst my mum and I go shopping 😉

1989, Tarifa, Spain. My favourite picture of us.

My dad has taught me some great qualities….(some of which I am still learning)

  1. Honesty is the best policy
  2. To always be straightforward (even when hiding behind a bush seems like the safest way)
  3. To always be efficient (sometimes he is a bit too annoyingly efficient).
  4. To be organized.
  5. To arrive for a flight 10 hours before it departs 😉 Jk!
  6. How to get the best deal!
  7. Never to take life too seriously.

………and many, many more!

All grown up 🙂

Behind the businessman exterior, he is also quite the party animal and loves to joke around. And behind the stern expression there is always a kindness that never fails to surprise me. 

Although he prefers no gifts and is so picky, I managed to take him to choose a pair of sunglasses for this summers adventures. 🙂 Now, off to lunch!

Hope you all have a very happy father’s day! 🙂


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