Monday funday


Hiii guys! 

How were your weekends? “Calentita”on Friday night was so much fun and much larger than I thought. The Indian stall was a big success and there were tons and tons of people wanting some grub. The pressure was definitely on! I played the waitress that night and it was everything that I imagined 😉 

Currently I am at Heathrow airport heading to Hong Kong! Again another business trip so nothing too exciting but I’m looking forward to seeing Asia and having some Chinese food 🙂 Although I’m already missing my evening  cup of green tea with a side of a suspense filled episode of “Revenge”. Do any of you watch that? If not, you must start….but don’t tell me what happens!

This year, for some strange reason, I keep having dramatic travel experiences. Either the luggage gets lost, the flight is delayed, there is panic for a connecting flight or, my favourite, severe turbulence. Not sure if this is a sign, but I just keep going, next up a nice long 14 hour flight! Haha hopefully I’ll still be there to post to you guys from HK 😉 

I really need advice on how you all manage to eat healthy and keep fit whilst travelling ? I find it so hard to be honest! But with the best intentions I have packed my trainers and gym clothes and hope that I feel inspired by Asia. 

I also find that it is so easy to become dehydrated whilst travelling. On that note, for Mondays challenge, I am going to have a big glass of water right before and an hour after each meal. I don’t like to drink during meals and I’ve read that it dilutes the essential digestive enzymes. Hopefully a conscious effort will do the trick. Are you up for some 
hydration therapy ? I’m already parched.

And in true Monday fashion a video that makes me smile! This panda is adorable!

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4 thoughts on “Monday funday

  1. Jealous you going to Honk Kong! Have u been before? My sister was raving about a health store there which is filled with healthy goodies- I’ll ask her what the name is and let you know! When I went to China, I was so surprised at how easy it was to be healthy: loads of fresh greens, fish/tofu, and rice and they just taste so delicious! I’m sure you will be walking around loads too which of course will help :)! Have a great time!

    • Thank you! Yes! please let me know of this health store, i’m here for a week so will definitely check it out 🙂 Chinese food is delicious, just have to watch for the grease here! Have you been to HK before? The weather reminds me of Mumbai! 😀

  2. OMG yet again I say, best job in the world! Agree with Khushboo, asian food can be so healthy and yummy! My tip is don’t miss out on the amaze shopping in HK, friends of mine have gushed about it! So seek out some retail therapy and you’ll be wakling yourself silly all over the place score for cute souveneirs, sightseeing and getting in some exercise! Hope you have an awesome time, safe and happy travels Sonal!

    • Shopping for suree! I’m going to try and see if I can find a nice deal for a new camera 🙂 Thanks Renee! The weather outside is nice for walking around so will definitely be doing a lot of that!

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