Good morning from Hong Kong

Hiii everyone,

Good morning from Hong Kong!

I have only  been here once when I was 16 for a wedding and so I feel like this is my first time properly seeing this beautiful country! It is so hot here 😀 On arrival, I was greeted by this:


And after a day of exploring, there was a strange little surprise waiting in my room:


This is a dragon fruit! How weirdly wonderful is it? The pink header of this blog is actually a picture of dragon fruit, but I never knew what it really looked like haha! Now I just have to google how you would go about eating one 😉

So, this morning (thanks to the jet lag) I went to the fitness centre here! I always feel inspired to check out a new gym. What’s better is that this one had a view facing the street, so I could observe the different people walking by…. that is so fun until someone looks at you looking at them….awkward! haha but that won’t stop me from doing it again tomorrow 😉 And besides it’s Hong Kong, and no one knows me here 😀

I will keep you guys posted on walking around, the food and retail therapy here, have a great week! 🙂

Have any of you actually tried dragon fruit?



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