HK in a nutshell

Hiiii everyone,

I’m baaaackk! And coming home always feels so good!

How are you all?

Hong Kong was unlike anywhere else, it was pretty amazing and I couldn’t wait to tell you guys about it. Don’t you feel like when you travel to a completely foreign country it is such an enriching experience?  You get a good idea of what it would be like to live there. Here are some of the different aspects I learnt about:

Food: Of course this is first and foremost 😉 The hotel I stayed in had a great breakfast buffet that included a variety of cut fruits, my plate usually looked like so:

The black and white fruit there is a cut up dragon fruit! I was so excited trying it for the first time. A lot of people say it doesn’t really taste of anything but I thought it was a strange mix between a lychee, kiwi and cantaloupe melon. I would sometimes include dim sum in my plate. Dim sum….for breakfast! How exciting is that?!

Otherwise, lunch and dinner were quite indulgent: lots of Chinese food every day. This meant plenty of tofu, greens, ginger, Jasmine tea and sweet corn soup. I did not complain too much….;)

So excited about Starbucks green tea frappachino!

Jack fruit!

Fashion: I did get a chance to go shopping a few times. I’m lucky to have family there and my cousin knew where to go. I found that the locals were so fashionable! And they all had great figures to pull off pretty much anything. Long skirts, jump suits, cute tops and big smiles ensued. I think I would return to HK just for the shopping.

Weather: The temperature was HOT. I’m talking mid 30 degrees celcius and 80% humidity. Surprisingly, this did not make my hair frizz up like I would expect….it was the random bouts of rain that did that! Loll. Apparently Hong Kong gets typhoons very often. When I landed they had a warning for a typhoon 3. This means that schools are closed and people have to stay indoors.

People: There are over 7 million people in HK. Coming from a teeny tiny country with 30,000 people, I find this number slightly overwhelming. 7 million people and I was constantly with about 10. Nevertheless the people whom I met were so incredibly sweet. I met up with a friend (and a few of their friends) from university and they were so welcoming.

Entertainment: There is so much to do in HK! With so many top notch restaurants, bars, clubs, night markets etc. there is no excuse to get bored. Even some of the shops close at midnight! On our first night we went to the tallest building, which includes a mall in it called “Elements” and on the top floor there is a bar called “O-zone”. Here is the view! We also went for a show in Macau called “The dancing waters”. Seriously guys, this is the best show I have ever seen in my life. If you ever get the opportunity to see it, please go!

The dancing waters

Life in HK is so, so different to anything I am used to. People hustle and bustle around in the street, their economy is booming and everyone seems busy and content. I really enjoyed being part of that for a week, and if given the opportunity I would definitely go back. For now though, I’m so happy to be home…this weekend is so fun-filled!

Yesterday was one of my besties birthdays so cupcakes were baked.

Last night there was a “lunar walk” for breast cancer. We all joined and there were hundreds of people walking 5Km around Gib. It started at midnight!

Today I am hoping to hit the gym and then head over to Spain for some beaching and catching up with friends ……and tomorrow is the Eurocup final (this is football for those of you who are like me 😉 ). Go Espana!

Have a lovely weekend!

Have you ever been to Hong Kong? 


4 thoughts on “HK in a nutshell

  1. Hong Kong sounds AMAZING- I’ve never been but plan to soon! I really wanted to go when I went to visit my sister in China earlier this year but unfortunately it didn’t work out! Glad to hear you had such an enjoyable stay- will definitely be asking you for recommendations when I do eventually go! Way to go on the 5km walk for breast cancer- sounds like such a fun event for a notable cause!

  2. Thank you K! This means that HK will give you another excuse to go visit your sister again sooon 😉 There is so much to do there, you girls would have a blast!

  3. Sonal! OMG HK sounds totally ace!!! Dragonfruit looks so different and cool, I def wanna try that one day it sounds delicious! I adore jackfruit, we get that loads here in SA, it used to grow wild in my grandma’s garden! Cupcakes for your bestie-how fun no other way to celebrate a birthday right! A lunar walk sound so awesome, we do not have stuff like that here…wish it was safe enough! HK sounds amazing I really wanna go now someday, your post totally made me amped 🙂

  4. Renee you HAVE to go! I never actually tried Jackfruit, maybe i’ll save that for if i ever go to SA 😉 Your friends were right about the shopping – it was too good !

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