California here we come….

….right back where we started from! Hiiii peeps! This should really be a travel blog because I seem to have turned into Dora the explorer recently! I’m sorry these last few days have been madness, travelling to Los Angeles is a long process. I was actually born here in Santa Cruz and I have soooo … Continue reading

July favourites

Hiii everyone! When I first started blogging I was scared I wouldn’t have anything to say, but as it works out I might have too much to tell you. So, i’ll condense it the best way i know how…another favourites list 🙂 1. Swimming – my new favourite workout. It is sooo hot hot hot … Continue reading

Sweet chilli Salmon

Hiii sweet peas,  There are some days during the week when life gets so hectic that coming home late, tired and then having to cook something healthy seems like it would take an eternity  an exceptionally long time. Twice this happened to me this week, and both times I turned to some already prepared cut … Continue reading

4 Keys to a Marvellous Life

Growing up I was always extremely anxious. My mind was constantly wondering what other people would think if i did something or how I shouldn’t have made such a stupid comment or how I felt inferior to those around me who were beaming with confidence. I doubted myself all the time. Whilst attending university and moving … Continue reading

Homemade granola

Hiiii friends, I have been learning a lot about healthy eating in the past few months, but the one thing that is really hitting home for me now is…….how important it is to be organised. Although organisation is not one of my strong suits, it is key in pursuing a healthy lifestyle (for me at least). … Continue reading