Sweet chilli Salmon

Hiii sweet peas, 

There are some days during the week when life gets so hectic that coming home late, tired and then having to cook something healthy seems like it would take an eternity  an exceptionally long time. Twice this happened to me this week, and both times I turned to some already prepared cut up fruit for dinner. Fruit is definitely not dinner material. 

The fastest dinner i’ve ever prepared is sweet chilli salmon, and it helps that it always comes out delicious! All you have to do is go pick up some fresh salmon in advance if you know its going to be a busy day and the prep time is literally less than 5 minutes. Take that Jaime Oliver!

Ready for some speedy cooking?


1 Salmon fillet (or more depending on how many people you are cooking for)

Sweet chilli sauce

Ginger slices



First preheat the oven to 150 degrees celcius and cut up a squared piece of foil to put the salmon on. Wash the salmon fillet well with cold water and place on top. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.

Add a tablespoon or two of sweet chilli sauce (any brand will do) onto the middle of the fillet. Finish off with a couple of fresh ginger slices on top of the sauce.


Wrap up the salmon fillet tightly in the foil and place on a baking tray ready to go into the oven.


Allow to heat for about 20- 25 minutes. I know this may seem like forever, but this is prime time to get ready. Wash up, clear up the kitchen, let “Revenge” load 😉 and, most importantly, make a quick side salad! Time will fly….

And after 20 minutes the salmon is ready to eat. I like to eat it straight from the foil on a plate. As soon as you open up the foil, there will be a release of steam and salmon goodness inside. I apologise in advance for this picture that does not do this dish justice!

 It really is a lot better in real life. Please try it! It’s so good that i wonder why I don’t make it more often…even on days when i have plenty of time.

How is your salad week going?! I feel so plant powered! 🙂 It’s a great feeling, salad and fish are my new go-to dinners when time is short. This week i’ve had salmon and swordfish. Yum.

Tonight we are hosting a beach barbecue for my cousins 25th birthday! Yippeeee, i love barbecues! Although it has been so difficult to organise one, you would be shocked at the amount of work that goes into arranging one for over twenty people. I went shopping for food yesterday, and thank god my cousin was with me because i’m talking bulk buying. This was just one cart:


I’m so intrigued by how much boys actually eat and today, we will find out. My veggie burgers are ready so i’m all set. You may be confused by my dietary habits and it’s funny i haven’t explained myself yet. Basically, I don’t eat meat, but I do eat fish. I try to avoid dairy for the most part but i will still eat the odd ice cream on a sunny sunday.

There is definitely no label for me, i just do what feels right. I’m not sure if i could ever give up fish because i love sushi too much….but that is a whole other story for another day….;) 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! 



3 thoughts on “Sweet chilli Salmon

  1. Wow this salmon looks GREAT- I’m always amazed how something so tasty/gourmet-tasting can be prepared so quickly! My go-tos for quick dinners have recently been eggs…they always hit the spot! Luckily we almost always seem to have salad or some kinda grilled veg in the fridge so I have no excuse to stray from healthy habits!

    Side note: such a small world that you know Maneka too (I should have guessed from Samtani ha)! So jealous about the cruise you guys are heading on..can’t wait to see loads of pics!

    • Haha i think the world is a much smaller place when your an -ani! 😀 I’m so excited about the cruise and so happy to have healthy influences with me in all that temptation 😉 Lotsa pics coming for sure!
      And gourmet was just the word i was looking for! Eggs are such a great choice, easy to prepare and always in the fridge. This weekend I rediscovered the beauty of baking a sweet potato, so simple and always scrumptious 🙂

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