July favourites

Hiii everyone!

When I first started blogging I was scared I wouldn’t have anything to say, but as it works out I might have too much to tell you. So, i’ll condense it the best way i know how…another favourites list 🙂

1. Swimming – my new favourite workout. It is sooo hot hot hot here, i love getting into the pool and challenging myself with laps (although I only know breast stroke haha).  My back has been troubling me lately and I find a good swim can ease off the pain. Additionally, after I get out of the pool I feel like i’ve worked out my whole body. Only downside is having to wash your hair each time!

2. Jacket potatoes – If you ever were to go to the July fair in Spain (feria) you would instantly hear about the huge jacket potatoes they do with lots of delicious fillings. We tried to recreate that at the BBQ on saturday night and it was like finding a long lost love. Yesterday I had to have it again but with sweet potatoes. It was amazing! Just add a little butter, salt and pepper (or any other filling you like, I love hummus with it.)

3. Sport – this is so not me, but I was really into the Eurocup last week (wooooo Spain!) and the Wimbledon yesterday (sorry Murray….). With the olympics coming up, I’m pretty sure this month is going to add up to the most sports I see all year 😉

4. Zenhabits.net – Love this site, especially this post. Life doesn’t always turn out as we plan it and instead of holding onto all the unnecessary extra weight, its better to just let things goo! Don’t take life too seriously, it’s too short for that.

5. Lindt swiss thins – I tried 70% dark chocolate (amazing!), I tried dark chocolate with sea salt (divine!) and now onto these dark swiss thin chocolates. Melt in your mouth material? Check!

6. The beach – technically this should be hand in hand with swimming but the beach is about so much more: the ice cream, the sand and jumping through the waves. Nothing is more therapeutic. I love the beach, and it loves me. This is actually an all year ’round favourite:

7. Melon – I don’t care what kind it is…give me watermelon, the green kind or the orange. I never used to care about melon but since Hong Kong it is all i think about fruit wise. I actually just came back from pilates and there I found myself staring at the green medicine ball thinking about how much it looks like a melon. It is officially an obsession.

8. Skyping with my nephews – they are finally at that age where we can interact better (14 months). Although i’m pretty sure they still think of me as a crazy lady from the “television”.

9. Jumpsuits – finally i got my very first jumpsuit last weekend after months of searching. It is black and slimming and comfortable! I love it. Reminds me of the one piece pjs we used to wear when we were little, with the feet included, you do remember right?………right?!

10. Tangy salad dressing – this is purely my mums creation, i have it every single day and still enjoy it, no homemade salad is complete without it!  And it is so easy, all you need is: olive oil (2 tbsp), cyder vinegar (1 tbsp), a sprinkle parsley (dried or fresh), garlic (granules 1 tsp or fresh 1 clove), doujon mustard (1/2 tsp), salt and pepper (to taste). Yum yum.

Yes, I take all my ingredients out to the balcony to photograph them, it’s the best lighting i have! 🙂

Now that its all out of my system, i’ll refrain from another favourites list until August!

Happyy Monday y’all, here is the challenge this week: whenever you are watching TV and the advertisements come on, don’t flip through the channels, get on the floor and do sets of 20 crunches/ 10 press ups (whatever tickles your fancy). This will help to snack less during TV time and give you a more productive hour without feeling guilty.

And this is a happy youtube video to kickstart your week. I love Ellen, love the two little girls and of course Nicki!

(Eventually i will figure out how to post the video window!)

Have a lovely week 🙂


6 thoughts on “July favourites

  1. Sonal! Loving this list! Firstly how stinking adorable is that pic of your nephew and I presume that’s you skyping with them in the background ? Adorable! And that jumping beach shot, classic! I love the beach too and watermelon and jacket potatoes and Lindt Swiss Thins and and and hahaha! Your entire freakin list! lol! So this is quite a good challenge this week, I’m going to def try because we have pvr, we just skip all the ads…so I’m gonna make an effort to not fastforward them and use them for some valuable quickie workouts!

    • Hahah thank you! I definitely look like a crazy lady skyping with them, but i am happy to entertain 😉 Yey we love all the same things! Definitely try out the challenge and let me know how it goes for you. 🙂 Is it still raining in SA? If so, that must mean lots of TV, i mean work out, time hehe.

  2. Great list- so glad you like the sea salt Lindt! I heard their newest flavor involves coconut- can’t wait to try! You gotta try guac & hummus with jacket potatoes- SUCH a good combo!

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