Remember me?

Hi guys…..

I’m back! – How many times have you heard me say that?


…for disappearing for so long!

Isn’t the first rule of blogging consistent communication?

Did i mention i’m sorry? 🙂

I’m not going anywhere for a long, long time and I promise i’ll be better!

For now, can we be friends again so I can tell you about my trip?

There was lots of sunshine and sunblock,

…lots of chocolate dessert and fruits,

…lots of Starbucks and gymming,

…lots of dressing up and dressing down,

…lots of shows, jetskiing, beaching, ziplining, flowriding, bonding, reading, laughing, iguanas, themes, sushi….

And i’m going to let these random photos do the rest of the talking…




Lemon and lime theme


Queen’s steps, Nassau, Bahamas


Bahamas flag


Beautiful St Thomas

That’s all for now, I missed you! 🙂


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