Back on track

Hi everyone,

I found the cutest, fruit-inspired body image lesson:


If that doesn’t make you smile on a Monday, i don’t know what will! I especially like the kiwi touch – hairiness is not a joke when your Indian! haha!

So, don’t make the fruits feel bad, eat them all this week 🙂

As for me – I am happy to be back on the delicious green monster and i’m trying to improve my cardio. I currently do about 30 minutes on the treadmill with intervals of walking and running. Before, running/ jogging used to be around 2/3 minutes followed by 2/3 minutes of walking. This week i’ve kicked it up to 4/5 of running and hope to keep improving until……it will be a 30 minute run! 

There are many other goals I would want to accomplish this August (I am aware it is the 13th, but it’s never too late!) including staring at screens less. Blackberry screens, laptop screens, ipad screens etc. I am obsessed. Our eyes need a break, a walk in fresh air, a beautiful sunset, the sight of a friend, the words on a kindle book, staring at the sea, some quiet time with a cup of green tea, cooking a delicious meal……are you catching my drift? 

This is so so hard for me! I am going to try my best to pry away from these devices and get back to a simpler time. I realise I hardly speak to my friends on the phone like we used to because of whatsapp and bbm.

I miss the old times. 

But seriously, the kindle doesn’t count as a screen because of the beauty of no-glare, riiiight? 😉

What are your goals for August? 




2 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. That’s such a cute poster for a body image lesson, would be great for kids to learn about body image and healthy eating like that (also good for us adults alike!). I’m gonna show it to my mum later, she’s a second grade teacher…I’m sure this will be useful! Thanks! 🙂

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