I love Chocolate

And don’t we all?

Usually I have enough self control to restrict myself to a one piece of Lindt dark chocolate in the evening which sweetens up the end of my day. I am aware that if there is a box of chocolates at home, it probably won’t be there for long as, although i am a slow eater, i have a surprisingly fast ability to gobble up every last bit of chocolate. So, if ever we get gifted a box of chocos, i will try my best to re-gift asap before all hell breaks lose.

For the past couple of weeks I have not had any dark chocolate at home and instead I have managed to finish: a Lindor box and another box of an unknown chocolate brand from Hong Kong with only a little bit of help from my dad.

I didn’t think there was a big problem until…..yesterday. My mum wanted some chocolates to put in the middle of her bunt cake and when she opened the Hong Kong box, there was only 3 chocolates left. I was on the phone with my brother at the time (this was his birthday cake), and when I explained that I had accidently (but really quite purposefully) finished most of the box, his response was:

“Hey do you still write a healthy eating blog? You should really write about this!”

What a wise guy.


It wasn’t me.

I might have a problem….

And that’s what brings me here. What is it about chocolate?

According to a this article, women’s chocolate craving may be linked to:

1. Blood sugar levels: the sugar in chocolate has the ability to raise fallen blood sugar levels quickly and give you a boost of energy.

2. Serotonin levels: chocolate increases levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for happy moods. Many women have low serotonin levels 7-10 days before their menstrual cycle and so crave chocolate then. Chocolate also may reduce anxiety and therefore is often eaten in times of stress. Additionally, the rise in serotonin levels is what makes chocolate ideal for comfort eaters who may be trying to avoid emotional problems, low self esteem or depressed mood.

3. Your menstrual cycle: This may just be a cultural phenomenon, as it could be the only time when a woman feels that eating chocolate is socially acceptable. Another idea is that chocolate contains magnesium which is deficient in some women during their menstrual cycle, and so it is what your body craves.

4. It is addictive: chocolate contains the same alkaloid compounds that makes alcohol addictive. It also contains a compound called anandamine, which, scientists believe stimulates the brain in the same way as marijuana. However, there is still debate on whether chocolate contains enough of these compounds to make it psychologically addictive.

5. It is delicious: no explanation needed.

With all the reasons above, there is no wonder why chocolate is my favourite food. But I think i may skin would be more appreciative if I find another way to raise serotonin levels…like exercise! And with that, i’m off to the gym ! 🙂

Do you share the love for chocolate? 


6 thoughts on “I love Chocolate

  1. I definitely share your love for chocolate..especially Lindt! I gave it up at the start of the year for 6 weeks and after the first few days, I started to crave it less & less! THen I realised that life is too short and re-introduced chocolate into my diet haha!

    • Khushboo I think your the only one who loves to explore the Lindt flavours like I do! Haha Next up your recommended intense coconut! I’ve also given up chocolate in the past for things like lent, but seriously, it needs to be part of our lives 🙂

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  3. Lindt is defo my fav choccie! It’s unfortunately fairly expensive here in SA so I don’t get to indulge in it as often (which is prob a good thing for my waistline!) I love the Tiramisu Lindt flavour! Scrummy!

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