August Favourites

Another favourites list?! Yes sirree i love them!

August has been so, so, so hot over here. So let’s kick the list of with something refreshing:

1. Watermelon juice – YES. So good and this article will explain the benefits of its delicious alkaline ways. Why yes, I am drinking some right now actually.

 2. Lindt mint dark chocolate – Would a “Favourites” list ever be complete without a different flavour of Lindt? Guys, this mint flavour is a must try – each square tastes like a compact whole bar of Aero.


3. Almond milk- Holland and Barratt has opened in Gibraltar!! I was so, so happy. Finally some access to the long desired almond milk I had been dreaming of. At £ 3.50 a for a carton, i’m not sure it will be a regular buy – more like a treat for now.


 4. I’m in love with this song (Oliver Twist), perfect for the gym, or anywhere really. Listen to it!

 5. High heels


This is so random but, at the ripe old age of 24 I have never owned a real pair of heels! I always envied people who walk around in 6 inch heels and not flinch at all. For me the pain just is not worth it, and i’ve been so comfortable in flats. Until these babies came along as a last minute desperate attempt to match a dress for a wedding last weekend. I was so impressed to be able to withstand them for almost 8 hours straight (dancing included). 

6. This video has been watched about 1,000 times in our household. Ya, i’m one of those aunts…but if you had nephews like this, wouldn’t you be too? I love them!

7. Suits – I don’t know if you guys like TV as much as I do, but if its even a fraction please check out this show about the best looking lawyers ever 😉 Harvey, Mike, Jessica, Rachel….yep they’re all my friends now.

8. “Bean and Gone” Cafe – this is a new vegan inspired restaurant in Gib (is it just me or is my little country becoming like London?!) The vegan sushi, vegan cupcakes and giant organic jacket potatoes has now made it my new favourite place here. 


 And that’s all for now 🙂 

What are your favourites in August? 























6 thoughts on “August Favourites

  1. Love the Mint flavor of Lindt! After you try coconut, you gotta try Caramel with a dash of sea salt…to die for (no surprise there)! Love those heels! If you’re looking for another pair, check out Nine West- super cute & v. comfy!

  2. Caramel with sea salt?! I really really hope they sell that one here! 🙂 Is it just me or are these bars too small? Haha they finish so fast when your sharing……with yourself….just kidding 😉 maybe.

  3. Lindt is my most fav choc ever as well! I def gotta try that mint flavour Lindt ‘cos I adore mint flavoured choc ok and it seems I have to try the caramel with sea salt as well sounds delicious thanks for the heads up Khushboo gonna def keep an eye out for that! Sonal, that Bean and Gone fare looks delicious and those nude heels…such a win!!! I was also like you, I didn’t really have many heels or was too scared to wear them for fear of looking like a tard walking in them due to unbearably sore feet haha…but now I have a wardrobe stocked full of ’em….once the addiction hits you can’t stop (not necessarily a bad thing! A girl can never have too many shoes! 😛 ) Try soft cushion inserts to help in your transition to get used to heels if you ever do get sore feet…but sheesh chic, 8 hours for your first go is impressive! 🙂

  4. Thank youu! Even I was impressed – you know I think it’s the platform at the front of the shoes that make you feel secure. Haha you’re my inspiration! I hope I can grow to have a wardrobe like that. I’m so happy we can all share our Lindt love over here.

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