Hey guys!

Haaaaaaappppppyyyyyyyyy Frrrriiiiddddaayyyyy!!! 🙂

Today is a good day. It’s Friday, my hair is done and there is a long weekend ahead of us. You know something else that has improved? My back ache that came back with a vengeance a couple of weeks ago. And you know what else was going on a couple of weeks ago?  The chocolate feast. I wrote that post when I decided to change my ways.

Does this intrigue anybody else? Is it a coincidence? 

I am currently half way through the book Drop Dead Healthy, after reading some great recommendations about it. Although I haven’t reached the end I have to say that i am loving this book. The author is so witty I often find myself laughing whilst reading and it is such a learning experience! Just a couple of things I have put into practice in my daily life are:

1. Don’t read whilst on the loo.

2. Floss your teeth before you brush them.

and no. 3, being mindful of consuming sugar lessens aches and pains.

Perhaps this is common knowledge for some of you but I had never heard of this, and then it clicked that the change in my backache was almost immediate. One day I was digging into a large box of chocolates on the sofa and my back was killing me to the point where I was counting hours until my next massage. A couple of days after I stopped chocolate, I also felt the pain lessen up to the point that my back feels completely normal now. 

 So, I looked it up and apparently sugar is “stressful” and sugar spikes in the blood can raise inflammation and cause muscle ache in the body, otherwise known as sugar aches.  



I almost feel like gobbling up tons of chocolates again and checking if the backache comes back. This would make for an interesting scientific experiment.

Please note that the odd ice cream, chocolate bar, dessert etc. does not have the same effect (for me at least). However, when sugar levels surpass the norm, such as my sugar fest, that is probably when inflammation is pushed over the edge to cause the pain experienced.

Has this ever happened to any of you? Maybe try to be sugar-free for a while if you’re experiencing any aches and pains and let me know if there is any difference! 

Hope you all have a sweet, ache free, weekend! 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Sugar-aches

  1. Cell phones are meant for loo entertainment 🙂 You know apparently blackberry users have the highest percentage of people who use their phones on the loo. I think it’s the bbm!

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