My healthy shelf

Hiiii hunnies,

On the start of this healthy eating journey, I was excited to buy the necessary goods from the grocery store and my mother gave me a measly bottom shelf on a tiny cupboard in the kitchen where i could store them. As the list of health foods have grown, I have also been upgraded to a very reasonable size shelf on a bigger cupboard above the oven! I love health food shopping!! 🙂  

Today I was rearranging my favourite shelf and decided what better than to do a post on the goodies:

Lets start with the seeds…

Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Chia seeds

And then the nuts…


Pecans, Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews

 The pasta and grains…


Brown rice pasta, Brown rice, Quinoa, Pearl barley, Cous cous

 The proteins…


Green lentils, Chickpeas

 The dessert goods…


Wholegrain spelt flour, Dairy free chocolate chips, Desiccated coconut, Rolled oats, Cacao nibs

 Flavourings and seasoning…

Nutritional yeast, Herbamare

I highly recommend nutritional yeast if you are trying to be dairy free as it provides a cheesy consistency to pasta sauces, dips etc. Herbamare is my latest purchase – i haven’t tried it yet but apparently it is delicious!

Finally, the sweeteners and oil:

Vanilla extract, Agave nectar, Maple syrup, Honey and Coconut oil

Holland and Barratt has got to watch out for me!

I love the convenience of my own area, which is close to the counter top and easy to grab ingredients whilst cooking.

Do you have your own area if you share a kitchen, or are you lucky enough to be king/ queen of your own castle? 🙂


5 thoughts on “My healthy shelf

  1. Ahh your stash of healthy goodies looks amazing! You may go ahead and kindly port the entire contents of your healthy cupboards to mine right about now thanks! Haha 🙂 Put yourself in a no a fail environment to achieve success! 🙂

    • Hahah done! Only if we can swap the goods so I can check out all your cool South African treats! 🙂 P.s. Renee you are an attorney! Which is amazinggg! Do you watch Suits? 🙂

      • Ok it’s a deal! You will adore all our scrummy SA treats! Biltong is my number 1 ! Yeah I’m an Attorney lol, yeah I’ve been on watching briefs (we call them that here) and mainly litigation – running civil trials etc and everything associated with it, drafting, inspections, all court appearances…all ot it! Basically a busy bee haha! Are you also in the legal field ? 🙂

  2. This made me smile…primarily because I have been allocated my own shelves too! We just renovated our living room & my grandmother got me a mini fridge to store my stuff in. I think she was getting fed up of me taking up so much space in the main fridge haha! We’d make great flatmates- my stash is rather similar to yours…although I’d need to add in a jar of oats in the ‘grains’ shelf!

    • One day we shall conquer the kitchen! Hahah! Ahhh would be so good to be flat mates with someone who does not think my food is absurd….(mum!)….and ideally we’d live next to whole foods 🙂

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