Intermittent Fasting

Hi there! Do any of you have older siblings? I have a brother, Neil, who is 8 years older to me. For anyone else who does, you would understand that when i was younger, the only thing i wanted to do was follow him around from room to room, hang out with his friends, listen … Continue reading

salad to go!

Hello there!  Happy Saturday! Hope your weekends aren’t going too quickly. If you are on the go and need to pack a meal to take with you, i just made the cutest, healthiest lunch today and i’m literally finishing the remainders whilst i type this – I couldn’t wait to share it: Ingredients (for 2 … Continue reading

Thank you, yoga

Hiii all, After a long summer, yoga class resumed this week and boy was I excited about it. I feel it is a great way to re-charge myself and I LOVE the people I meet there. A lot of them are very inspiring and my way of thinking aways changes after a refreshing class.  Yesterday … Continue reading

Virtual Coffee Date Part I

  Hii lovelies, Hope you all had a brilliant weekend – ours is still going because today is Gibraltar’s National day! The whole country is dressed in red and white with wine all over. It always seems to be the hottest day of the year!  I got this idea from Jenna’s blog and loved it … Continue reading

Vegan Brownies

Hiii guys, What are your favourite desserts? Chocolate cake? Banoffee pie? Your mum’s special homemade something something? These vegan brownies are going to secure their place in your list guaranteed!  They are so good in a melt-in-your-mouth way, served hot or cold, with ice cream on top….are you getting what I am trying to tell you? You … Continue reading