Hello September!

Hi guys,

Happy first of September! Over here September signifies the end of the summer, the beginning of school and basically the start towards the end of the year. The change in atmosphere has literally been overnight. The scorching heat has changed into a breezy cloudy sky; my closest friend has gone away to medical school; there is no more pre-excitement before a fun holiday and generally people have been in-doors a lot more than a month ago. 


To top things off, I learnt yesterday that in Hinduism end of August/ September is the month of “Shrad”. This means that there is a lot of negative energy in the air – people avoid getting married during this month, opening new businesses and they basically live as simple a life as possible. We lost a close friend early last week in a car accident and another friend of mine lost her job a few days later. I am not taking this negative energy lightly! 

So, in keeping with living a simple month, I have made the following resolutions for September:

1. Exercise every day – Sept. means that classes that had stopped for the summer resume, so that yoga and pilates can become part of the routine again.

2. Read instead of watching TV – Yes, I am guilty of being able to watch TV like a zombie. My aim is to focus more on every day reading.

3. Cook more – During the summer months I was out doors so much that I forgot how much I love to cook. I made hummus a couple of days ago, and vegan brownies yesterday. I find it so relaxing! This leads me to….

4. Eat more home food – This means less processed food, less restaurant food and more wholesome (dairy free) creations.

5. Get a new camera – So that I can do my food photography justice. The vegan brownies I made yesterday were sooo good! But i’m embarrassed to put them up on the blog because the Blackberry photo is just plain terrible.

6. Look on the positive side – This used to be so easy for me but somehow my negative ways have started taking over. I need to check my thoughts and screen them to always be positive and inspired.


And so, the good things about September: autumn is around the corner! I love autumn – maybe even as much to say it is my favourite season. It also brings a greater routine which is appreciated 🙂

How do you feel about summer coming to an end? 



4 thoughts on “Hello September!

  1. Great list of goals, Sonal! I can totally relate about blackberry photos…when I first started my blog, I used to feel ridic posting up recipes because the quality of BB photos don’t really sell it if you know what I mean! That being said, I still want to check out these vegan brownies so pleeease post the recipe/pic :)! I don’t mind summer coming to an end because I have a few things to look forward to over the next few months including a wedding and my sister visiting!

  2. Aww that sounds so exciting ! Hehe okay you convinced me, i’ll find the least terrible picture and post the recipe because they were actually so good you have to try! But atleast you know, like i do, how much better it should look in real 🙂

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