Life is too short

Hi all,

I mentioned that we lost someone close to us last week in a car accident. Gibraltar mourned for the better part of last week over this beautiful young girl – she was only 30 years old with a 1 year old daughter and a loving husband. She was a doctor and one of the people I admired most in Gib for all of her accomplishments.

Today is her funeral.

Which makes me wonder about how fragile human beings really are. It also brings up thoughts about how sudden life can stop and whether we appreciate every day as much as we should?

Then in the midst of all this thinking, this list was produced and I could not think of a better time to share it.

Life is too short….

……to not think that you are good enough for anything or anyone

……to not eat dessert each day

……to not tell everyone you love that you appreciate them

……to not boogie down every time you hear your favourite song

……to not share your creativity with the world

……to constantly worry about what people will think

……to not break the rules once in a while*

……to not be honest with yourself

……to not be kind to everyone you meet

……to not take care of yourself and your body

……to not travel anywhere you want to go!

……to not take a day off here and there for movie marathons under the covers.

……to not celebrate each sunset, sunrise, rainfall, snowfall and full moons.

……to hold grudges

……to not laugh each day – even if its at the small things!

What did the 0 say to the 8…..?

Nice belt! 😉


Fill in the blank:

Life is too short to………..? 

*Rules that include wearing your seatbelt and other safety precautions are never meant to be broken. Rules like “chocolate only on Sundays” are always meant to be.


6 thoughts on “Life is too short

  1. Absolutely LOVE this post! Life’s too short to not say what you feel…if something’s bothering you/making you happy/whatever- VOICE IT! And also I loved the corniness about the 0 & 8- definitely my kinda humor :)!

  2. Thank you Khushboo! 🙂 That’s so true, we tend to expect people to know how we’re feeling without saying it! This list can probably go on and on! Hahah the 0 wearing a belt is just too cute. 😀

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  4. So sad for such a young life to be taken! I adore this post, because this is something I ardently believe in…’life is too short’. Hell yes to eating dessert everyday and telling your nearest and dearest how much you love them and appreciate them! Life is too short to stress about things you have no control over! 🙂

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