Virtual Coffee Date Part I


Hii lovelies,


30,000 balloons released on National day – one for each person who lives in Gibraltar

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend – ours is still going because today is Gibraltar’s National day! The whole country is dressed in red and white with wine all over. It always seems to be the hottest day of the year! 



Happy National Day!

I got this idea from Jenna’s blog and loved it so much because very few things beat catching up with an old friend over coffee. Sometimes I will make a hot cup of coffee green tea and have a Skype date with friends from around the world. This is one of my favourite things to do! What stops us doing that here on the blog? Do you have some coffee right now? If not, go grab some! 

If we were having coffee together i’d tell you that I went out for dinner and a bit of partying for a friends birthday on Saturday night for the first time in a long time (after all that has been going on). Can I just say that I am amazed by what a difference heels make to my confidence levels? Who knew being so high could literally lead to a sense of empowerment?! I need me some more heels! I also wore the jumpsuit that I had saved for so long waiting for the perfect occasion! Yey! 🙂

If we were having coffee together I would tell you that my parents left for London today until Friday. This means that I am home. alone. the. whole. week. This is a big deal to me – I have so much freedom all of a sudden! I feel like the queen of my own castle. I plan to take full advantage of this and cook as much as possible in a free kitchen, watch all my favourite shows on the free TV and read whenever i like on the free coach! Yes, in the night time I do turn on all the lights and the TV because I get a little spooked out, but during the day it is awesome. 

If we were having coffee together I would tell you that as well as helping in the family business, i have recently started a new job at the hospital. I am basically helping out on a dementia case study which includes producing a document to present to the Gibraltar government to change the pathway for people with Dementia in Gibraltar – this includes more facilities, early diagnosis, education for healthcare professionals and carers and tackles other areas of the illness. The job involves a lot of research and writing and so far I am really enjoying it! On that note, September is international Dementia awareness month so have a read about it 🙂

So, how are things with you? 





11 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Date Part I

  1. LOVE the idea of this post! If we were having coffee together, I would reply back saying that I am with you about heels..they might be uncomfortable but the feel-good factor that comes with them makes the pain worth it! If I’m going out in the evenings, I almost always wear heels. Also I really admire that you are helping with the dementia case study- your input is going to help many one day :)!

  2. First time here, found you through Katy’s blog at 🙂 I loooove the sight of all the red and white together, looks like a fun celebration!

    If we were having coffee together, like Khushboo, i would tell you that I agree with you on the heels, i can be wearing the same outfit with and without heels but the heels definitely add a boost of confidence. Maybe it’s because i’m short to begin with so being taller makes a difference. Haha! All the best with your new job!

  3. Awesome blog post.

    If we were having coffee together, I would ask you lovely girls to help me with a dilemma of my own, which would include understanding how to put my reputation right? I would fill you in on how my interest with Simren has driven me away from my own life into a world of ‘so many unknowns’. Other than that, I’d be all ears……

    • Wow, I just caught up on the Simren story and I am really interested to hear what happens next! Your story is better than the novel i’m reading haha. Hope it all works out for you- how about we advise you when your next blog post is up? You are a great story teller 🙂

      • Yes, your advice would be greatly appreciated. The story on the ground, however, has gone totally wrong, the worst thing that I could probably imagine (or imagined months ago) has happened. All will be told in my next post, which is around the corner – despite feeling nervous and confused around blogging it, I shall continue to do so, especially since my identity is hidden.

  4. This is a great post Sonal! I love the festive photos of Gibs National day! Totally feel you on being home alone and loving the freedom but leaving all the lights on and possibly going to the loo with the door open haahaha. That’s fantastic about you helping with the dementia case study, that’s quite close to my heart as my Thatha (grandpa) who has sadly passed on now was diagnosed with dementia. You are doing a great service to many suffers of this disease!

  5. Thanks so much Renee! Hahah yes I might have done that! I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa – the disease has such a stigma attached to it and so many people avoid early diagnosis so we are trying to change that and improve quality of life earlier on and delay the progression of the illness. Lets hope for the best!

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