Thank you, yoga

Hiii all,

After a long summer, yoga class resumed this week and boy was I excited about it. I feel it is a great way to re-charge myself and I LOVE the people I meet there. A lot of them are very inspiring and my way of thinking aways changes after a refreshing class. 

Yesterday some of the points that we discussed were:

Live on purpose

…….and i cannot get these words out of my head. Don’t wait around for life to pass you by, live because you want to. When I think about the energy and the universe that surrounds us – the power that we have within us to conquer anything that we put our minds to, it makes me wonder what on earth i am doing on the sofa watching TV..?!

Don’t go with the flow, be the flow.

……don’t let life just happen to you, make it happen for yourself the way you wish for it to go.

Energy makes energy, joy brings joy

……very “The Secret” – put out what you want to attract in life. Positivity will bring positive energy.

Stop complaining

……we are so comfortable in our everyday lives that we have to find things to complain/ gossip about. Do we have any idea of the kind of suffering that the world is going through? Ask yourself if you want to have as joyous a day as possible and then live it!

Find inspiration in nature


Hello beauty

Everyone you know can teach you something 

……Thank you, teachers.
















2 thoughts on “Thank you, yoga

  1. You know I love inspirational posts like this! I am such a believer of the Secret…if you want to make things happen, you have to first believe in it! Also like most qualities, I find that positivity breeds more positivity, which is why I try to stay away from negative people- too mentally draining! I SO need some yoga in my life…my legs are so sore and I just know that a downward dog would feel like gold right about now :)!

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