Intermittent Fasting

Hi there!

Do any of you have older siblings? I have a brother, Neil, who is 8 years older to me. For anyone else who does, you would understand that when i was younger, the only thing i wanted to do was follow him around from room to room, hang out with his friends, listen to his music, go wherever he went etc. The only thing he wanted to do was lock me out of his room.

Does my head look big in this?

Now, 23 years later…

 …….we pretty much have the same relationship….(just better clothes). Haha!

Coincidently, Neil has also adopted a healthier lifestyle except his is more to do with extremes. E.g. The Paleo diet, then a gluten-free diet and his most recent idea “intermittent fasting”. Having the same spirit as I did when i was 4, I also wanted to hop on board the fasting ship! The health benefits of which can be read here. They include weight loss as well as lower glucose and cholesterol levels. It is basically a 5:2 day fasting rule and you are supposed to eat less than 500 calories twice a week. My first real day was on Monday and I was surprised at the some of the observations I made:

1. When I didn’t have breakfast, and mentally prepared myself, my stomach was quite understanding. It didn’t grumble as much as I thought it would. From my failed attempt last week I realised that any eating makes me so much hungrier, so I prefer to eat nothing at all during the day – then use the 500 calories in the evening.

2. I realised that because i am so slow at eating, it actually takes quite a bit of my time away in the day. I had so much extra time!

3. I didn’t feel the need to binge when it was time to eat, nor the day after. I still ate a well proportioned amount – on the contrary, eating was more controlled than usual.

4. I drank a lot of water as an appetite suppressant. This meant frequent trips to the loo and felt quite cleansing in a way.

5. It taught me a lot about discipline and will power. Being so used to having what I want, when i want – there was a strange sense of accomplishment from not eating for a few hours.

6. It also taught me to be more appreciative of food. On the non-fasting days I am so grateful I can eat without restrictions.

Now, the negatives:

1. I am constantly counting down the hours until I can finally eat. Something about this process makes it feel unnatural.

2. I am snappy especially for the last couple of hours of fasting.

3. I don’t feel like I can concentrate or really focus on anything important until i’ve eaten.

But when the time comes and i can finally eat, I am a really happy bunny for both withstanding a challenging day and having a full stomach. I might try it out for a few more weeks to see if I notice anything substantial.

Have you ever fasted before? How did you find it? 


6 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting

  1. Really interesting post, Sonal! As I told you on Twitter, I fast regularly every Monday for religious reasons. Over time it gets easier and your body gets used to it- it’s the only morning I don’t wake up hungry haha! Luckily Monday’s tend to be very busy at work so the day flies! It’s also quite a nice detox after the weekend indulgences! When you fasting next this week? I am guessing weekends would be most difficult!

    • Thanks Khushboo! Being busy at work helps so much and I definitely agree to the detox effect after the weekend indulgence – feels like a cleanse! 🙂 How long have you been fasting for? My other day is Wednesday… I’m still finding it hard to get the hang of!

  2. Haha I am an older sibling so yes I know exactly what you mean by the magnetic awesomeness that an older sibling possesses 😛 HAHA about better clothes! Do we all think that when we look back at childhood photos?! 🙂 Really enjoyed reading this post! I’ve only ever fasted for religious reasons during Lent. I wholeheartedly agree with all the points you have down for the pros and cons! I do think the body does get used to the ‘hunger’ you just eventually don’t focus on it and it becomes dulled…I like the fasting ritual because I do feel it makes me more humble and appreciative when I am able to eat again. However I don’t think it’s something I would incorporate into my daily everyday life. I agree with the sense of accomplishment, you feel like its a testament to your will power once you have gotten through that day! How many days a week are you going to be fasting ? Keep us updated on this intermittent fasting experience! 🙂

    • Hahaha my stylist really made a few mistakes back in the day! 😉 Thanks Renee! Its two days a week but I’m still finding it quite hard. It’s only week two so will definitely keep you posted! Hopefully i’m find some way to work around it like fill the day with fruits 🙂 Do you have any good ideas to make it through fasting days when you did it during lent?

    • That’s nothing short of amazing – 30 days straight! Do you have any tips? It’s so hard to concentrate on anything on an empty stomach….and don’t even get me started on my patience – it’s such a test!

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