Roasted Squash Bowl Filled With Avocado

Hiii there!

I enjoy orange foods all year around, but there is something about autumn that increases my intake of them – including greater availability at the local supermarket! Some of my favourite orange foods include:

1. Sweet Potatoes

2. All kinds of squash: butternut, harlequin etc.

3. Oranges

4. Carrots

5. Pumpkin

And the list could go on and on……hello beta-carotene!

Anyways, a few days ago, my mother told me that she has bought my favourite thing from the supermarket, and whipped out this beauty:


She actually thought it was pumpkin. But the sticker on it read “Harlequin Squash”. This still excited me because I read about roasting squash and the result was every bit as delicious as I expected!

Steps on how to roast a squash:

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. Cut the top off with a sharp knife.


2. Now, cut the squash vertically in half. This is quite tough so make sure you are careful!


3. Scoop out all the seeds and guts and stringy mess (I actually used a scooper for this and it worked very well). Save the seeds in a bowl for roasting later!


4. Well done, the hard part is over! 🙂 Now, spread half a teaspoon of olive oil onto each half. Also sprinkle a generous amount of Herbamare (or sea salt) onto each half.


5. Place the halves of the squash downwards onto the parchment paper on a baking tray and into the oven.

6. Cook for about 35-45 minutes at 200 degrees C. The outer layer will deepen in colour. Take out of the oven and put the squash halves right side up. Sprinkle more Herbamare and add your favourite avocado mixture  (I just like to mash up one avocado with some salt and pepper and a kick of chillie) into the squash bowl.

Yummmm! One “bowl” was a very satisfying lunch! Feel free to fill the squash with whatever you like, but please tell me so that I can try it too 😉

The next post will be all about roasting the seeds.

Enjoy !

What is your favourite orange food? 


7 thoughts on “Roasted Squash Bowl Filled With Avocado

  1. Oh boy this looks AMAZING! I love roasted squash and even better if it’s stuffed! In the past, I’ve stuffed roasted butternut squash with hummus and/or cous cous (quinoa would be great too)!

    Also I can’t remember if you have ever mentioned but are you a nut butter fan? If so, you need to try it with roasted squash!

  2. Hummus would be an awesome filler in this! 🙂 Of course I am a big nut butter fan! But I somehow cannot imagine it with roasted squash? I cannot imagine it with sweet potatoe either, but I know you love that right? 🙂 Two delicious foods put together, I can see it working out well!

  3. Oh my yum!!! This looks scrummy! Although I must admit avocado stuffing ?! That is one I have never heard of nor can I imagine that flavour combo, will have to try it when avos are in! I love roasting up butternut with some cinnamon and a sprinkle of brown sugar and a spray of olive oil! Thats my fav way! I usually don’t stuff it, but when I do I am partial to feta and chicken(diced)! Yum!

  4. Oh gosh Renee, I would put avocado in ANYTHING and think it tastes so good, i never even thought about it being a strange combination 🙂 Mmmm your way of butternut squash sounds like dessert. I love how squash and sweet potatoes can be both sweet and savoury.

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  6. Hi there! This looks to try it soon. Have you tried with avocado egg salad ? My favorite orange food is orange and of course pumpkin in baked goodies:)

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