Weekend Fun


Happy Saturday! What are your plans for the weekend? After two birthday parties and a baby shower last weekend, i am quite happy to relax, do some shopping and some cleaning this weekend. I also felt like filling up this post with random things about me, so that we can get to know each other better 🙂  This is just what comes into my head and there is no particular order. Here we go:

* My Big Fat Greek Wedding is my all time favourite movie. I can watch it anywhere, anytime.


* My socks have to match my outfit…this is not easy as most of them have hearts, polka dots, stripes, puppies, anchors etc.

* Two foods that I cannot live without are chocolate and chillies. But I don’t like them together thank you.

* I get very, very, genuinely excited deep down in my soul when it rains or when it snows. Every. Single. Time.

* I love Ellen Degeneres. She is such a kind, generous person and a great role model.


* Almond milk is my all time favourite milk.

* When I burn something I try to pull it off as “cajun”.

* My least favourite body part is my feet, they are so flat. So glad sandal season is over! 

* Friends is the best show ever! But Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory closely behind it. 

* When I am at home, I’m in my tracks. Even if I come home for an hour and then have to leave again I will change because the comfort of tracks and a hoodie is worth the effort !

* I think giraffes are awesome, elegant and have beautiful long eyelashes.


* If I could have something for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day it would be sushi.

* One of my biggest pet peeves is when people speak like “rude boys” and use words like “sick”, “bruv”, etc. NO.   

* My dress sense this autumn is inspired by Gallery Girls. Yes, i’d like to be a gallerina.

* I do a few sun salutations each morning followed by breathing exercises and it really helps to wake up! 

* I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I still love going to Starbucks and getting a hazelnut hot chocolate.

* Before I sleep I must read my kindle even if its just for a couple of pages.

* I have hanger management issues.


* I truly love cooking, as much as I love eating 😉 

I think that’s enough of me, me, me! Tell me about you! 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. LOVE this post, Sonal! So much fun to read and it’s crazy how similar we are. If we’re ever in the same city, let’s watch a FRIENDS marathon and order in take out sushi….of course dessert will be copious amounts of Lindt. Although I warn you in advance- not only will my socks not match my outfit, there’s a good chance that they won’t even be matching each other!

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