The last three weeks….

Hiiii sweet peas,


I’m sorry I have been so bad at posting during November, so much had been going on and i’m quite bad at multi-tasking! But lets catch up, shall we? 


I was so proud of my mum for wanting to give out healthy granola to our friends and families for diwali, instead of the usual deep fried, sugar soaked desserts. (Although she did also make gulab jamuns when i was not looking). 


My favourite people ever came to visit for Diwali and they were cuter than ever this time. Running around, breaking our telephones and wireless internet, collecting every leaf that has fallen on the ground this autumn….basically bringing us back to a simpler time 😉





We also opened our brand new jewellery and watch shop “Sonera” (a twist on my brother, my dads and my name), and of course the munchkins cut the ribbon. We all worked so hard to get this shop open on time so that day was a great relief.

And in the midst of all this madness, I also started weight lifting with a personal trainer. I have to admit in the beginning it almost killed me. My arms were dead one day and my legs numb the next. However, three times a week and three weeks in and I’m already lifting more and not feeling the effects as much after each work out!

My diet definitely has not been up to par with all of this fun though…

So, for next week my challenge is to detox with a dairy free, gluten free diet. This is something i’ve been wanting to try for a long time now and my trainer is very enthusiastic about being gluten free so I thought I would give it a try 🙂 I will be posting and tweeting recipes that I use for meals and other general comments (probably about how much i’d love some bread right now!).

Well, it feels great to be back.

Have you ever tried to be gluten-free? 




6 thoughts on “The last three weeks….

  1. Busy month indeed, Sonal! Congrats on the new store…that sounds so exciting! I’ve never gone gluten-free but my diet tends to naturally be low-gluten! Of the foods which I eat regularly, oats are the only ones which contain gluten…and you know I would find it hard to go without ’em! Then again, gluten sneaks up in the most unexpected foods so I’m sure I’m eating more than I think. Look forward to read how you find it!

    • Thank you Khushboo! 🙂 Yes, gluten-free oats are in my cupboard now and i’ll tell you they taste very similar! With all this gluten-free hype, i’m intrigued to live it myself and keep you all updated 😉

  2. YAY! Welcome back Sonal 🙂 Wow, you’ve had an awesome last 3 weeks! Happy belated Diwali to you and yours! So fab about giving healthy treats instead…but c’mon what’s Diwali without a lil gulab jamun 😛 Congrats on the opening of the jewellery store, how amazing!!! Also I just saw your tweets about your gluten free diet…gluten free chapatis haha I’m sure those would be a fail! My gluten intake has been really low for about 12 weeks now (it’s not gluten free I’m just not eating carbs, so nothing with flour, potatoes even wholegrain carbs is nixed…before you nay say my Dr was like it’s totes cool ‘cos I am getting enough carbs from my veggies and fruits etc and I have never felt better)! So goodluck with gluten free (dairy free now that’s a toughie!)! Do you want to keep it up more long term? Woohoo on the weight lifting, hello muscles! 🙂

  3. Thanks Renee! 🙂 Those chapatis came out like plastic, bounced right back when they were folded….it was not good. Oh my gosh 12 weeks without flour, potatoes or wholegrain carbs, THAT is amazing! I gotta say though, don’t you feel hungry? And don’t you miss cake? Either way, you are a more disciplined woman than I. Well done! Are you going to keep this going?
    I’m taking it one week at a time really – no long term commitments or it would scare me ;). The weight lifting is totes new and I feel stronger already! Congratulations on blogging for beauty bulletin! I’m definitely going to be reading 🙂

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