Two Thousand And Thirteen

Happy new year everyone! 🙂

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous year ahead! 

Last dessert of 2012, cupcakes with smushed coconut frosting…delicious!

I know some people find new year’s eve overrated, but there is always this excitement that overwhelms me when the year is ending: a fresh start waiting ahead, an end of an era. And for that, I find it’s the one night where I let go of inhibitions and get dolled up and celebrate life. I’m not gonna lie, It’s usually my favourite night of the year !

How would I sum up 2012? Well in no particular order: I moved back to Gib, started this blog, travelled by aeroplane and ship, got my first job, helped to open a shop, embraced healthy eating and became gym active. Those were all the positives but alongside these, there were hard times of self doubt, insecurity and unnecessary worry. 

Learning points? Do not let anyone disturb your inner peace and have more faith in yourself. And, you can’t keep depending on your environment to make you happy – find happiness within yourself. I actually think that one is the most crucial! Isn’t it so easy to want other people or circumstances to always make you happy? 

There is only one resolution that I have for 2013 and that is to take more risks, step out of my comfort zone (which in Gibraltar is so easy to sink into) and to feel scared more often – i.e. do something more often that scares or makes me nervous. I already took the first step out of the box last night and I was hand-shakingly scared – but at the same time I’m proud of myself. I’d like to look into the mirror this year and see someone who is taking life head on and not missing out on opportunities, you know? 

And along with taking chances, i’m going to keep gulping the green monsters (by the way, I did not get a cold at all this year and I have a strong feeling it’s because of them!), keep cooking up some healthy recipes, keep lifting those weights and keep in touch with my loved ones because that definitely needs improvement….and of course by that I also mean you!

Thank you for being such a great outlet for me in 2012, this next year will only have much more wonderful things in store, so let’s make the most of it! No regrets! 🙂

Do you have any new years resolutions? 



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