Homemade Raw Almond Butter

Hello everyone ,

How is your first week of the year going? Are those resolutions sticking well? Whatever they are let’s try to keep up the optimism for as long as we can! It’s only the 3rd after all…….;) 

Living in Gibraltar means that we don’t have as many healthy food choices as other countries that have supermarkets like Whole Foods or Sprouts! Usually when I go to the States I stock up on all the necessities to keep me going until my next trip. However, my love for green monsters means that the “Earth Balance” Almond butter I bought in the summer is now finished!  What is a girl to do? 

Homemade raw almond butter to the rescue.  This was so easy, I highly recommend everyone to try it at least once! The key is patience, patience, patience.


1 cup raw almonds

Put the cup of almonds into the food processor and mix, mix and scrape down the sides. Repeat.  

Just keep scraping the sides….

Again and again – until eventually you will see clumps! It might take about 15 minutes so do not give up hope! 

Now we’re getting somewhere…

And you’re left with some creamy homemade almond butter 🙂


…..And enjoy! 

Have you ever tried making homemade almond butter? 


6 thoughts on “Homemade Raw Almond Butter

    • I’ve never tried almond milk because it’s so readily available here but would love to DIY! Now you definitely have to make almond butter at home, I couldn’t believe how long I looked for it when it was so easy to make at home 🙂

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