Hi, i’m Sonal and i’m a chocoholic..

Hiiii guys,

If there is one thing you might have guessed about me it is that i love a food challenge. This time last year is when I started on a quest for healthy eating and most of the year involved avoiding dairy as much as possible. Late last year I tried being gluten free and now, it is only normal for me to move on to something that is just as well known……a life without sugar.

I love sugar more than anything. Desserts are my favourite course and amongst those: banoffee pie, chocolate cake, ice cream and anything else involving chocolate are my top choices! I LOVE SUGAR. Christmas and new year meant that my house was filled with gifted chocolate boxes and biscuits…and I dug in quite happily towards the end.

Now, I feel like any other over dosed person, ready to quit.

It has been four days since my last chocolate and I am just trying to take things one day at a time.

Why am I doing this? Mostly because i’m going for my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month and I want to feel confident in my dresses. I have also heard that giving up sugar is key to losing any excess weight – and this is likely to be the one thing holding me back despite gymming, swimming and yoga. Additionally keeping a stable sugar level will help will help to control cravings and sugar crashes!

So true.

So true.

What’s included? Anything that includes sugar – sauces, drinks, chocolates, sweets, white bread, white rice etc.

I am happy to say that it is day 6 with exactly 2 more weeks to go !

Every time I feel like I would die for a biscuit I:

1. Drink a large glass of water

2. Drink some herbal tea

3. Have a small piece of 70% or more dark chocolate. (which is really helping).

Ahhhhh! Lord give me strength! 😉

Have any of you ever tried to give up sugar? 🙂 


One thought on “Hi, i’m Sonal and i’m a chocoholic..

  1. Go you, Sonal! Although I don’t think I could give up sugar entirely, I do feel a lot better when I eat less sugar especially in terms of energy! Are fruits counted? i know it sounds extreme but a friend of mine gave up sugar a while ago and stayed off fruit initially because of the natural sugars. One tip is to eat bigger meals instead of snacking- since I’ve done so, my cravings are really minimal. Also check out this blog: melbournemaharani.com . Sig gave up sugar and did really well on it, and she has a tab just based on her experiences.

    Good luck!

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