God is playing tricks on me

Hiii hunnies! 

There has been quite a gap since my last post – in between I went to America (Los Angeles, Arizona and Las Vegas) for my cousin’s wedding :). It was a fabulous holiday! However, this year is turning out to be quite a surprising one for me and I wanted to share with you a couple of events in which the randomest things have happened:

Firstly my suitcase never made it to the US, it actually ended up taking a detour…..and then came back to Gibraltar two days after I did. If you have ever attended an indian wedding or travelled across the world for holiday you would know how much packing and planning went into that suitcase. Everything from jewellery to shoes to the bare essentials like contact lenses did not come on vacation with me 😦 Thank the lord that my sister-in-law has a similar eye prescription number to me and she had plenty of extra lenses to share. Also, I packed the wedding dresses in my dad’s suitcase – phew! So, overall I spent the two weeks shopping A LOT and getting through the day to day needs with some help from the familia. 

What are the chances that your suitcase does not arrive to your destination but takes a holiday of its own? It arrived two days after I reached Gibraltar completely intact. 

She came back!

Part 2.

On Monday is my dad’s 60th birthday. My family has been carefully planning a surprise for him for this weekend. My brother was flying in today with his wife and the cutest twins from London and for the first time ever, we managed to keep it a secret from the boss. My mother has been cooking non-stop since last weekend, the cake has been ordered, a photo shoot arranged, hair appointments, a nanny etc. I changed my meetings at work so that I could pick them up at the airport and bring them home ready for the “SURPRISE!”. Last night my brother called and said that one of the twins has been throwing up non-stop and has a fever. 

Needless to say, everything was cancelled except the cake and we are left with a few lasagnes, homemade pizzas, indian sweets, granola, baby whole milk, animal crackers, etc. 

Last year’s shoot.

Have you ever heard the saying..”If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans” by Woody Allen? This is definitely where it applies. But what are you going to do when your plan A completely fails? Go to plan B! I.e. a lot of new clothes in the wardrobe and party at our place with plenty of food on Saturday night 😉 Everyone’s invited. Enjoy the surprises in life, it’s what makes it exciting (albeit some better than others) but with both enjoy the good things and try to challenge yourself on the problems that come your way – most of all….keep POSITIVE.  

Promise the next post will be back to healthy eating and exercise 🙂

Have you ever felt that life was conspiring against you? 


2 thoughts on “God is playing tricks on me

  1. Oh boy….I cannot believe that your suitcase never made it! Not getting it on any holiday is terrible but not getting it during a wedding is terrible x a billion! I am so glad you were able to make it work! When I was waiting for my bag in Udaipur last week, it took AGES and I started imagining the worst possible scenarios…fortunately my suitcase did come out eventually! And I’m sorry the Surprise didn’t work out, especially as you guys put so much effort into it..hope the twins are feeling better!

    Love your positivity, Sonal :)!

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