Homemade Nutella

Hi everyone!  I don’t know about you guys but i’ve always found Nutella to be one of the best things man ever made. The chocolate hazelnut spread that gave me so many delicious ways to eat it: on toast, on pancakes, on anything, and of course, straight out of the spoon. Yum yum.  I haven’t … Continue reading


Hi guys, This post is an idea that I got from Jenna as an alternative to “favourites”! I’m always looking to try different things so here we go….. I am currently…… Watching…..”The Mindy Project” – Mindy Kaling is hilarious! I am obsessed with this show nowadays. It’s about a doctor who is trying to get her life … Continue reading


Hii  everyone, This week has been quite a milestone for me. I joined a bootcamp with the trainer who usually trains me at the gym in a spur of the moment decision with two of my cousins. Bootcamp is held at the beach carpark for the month of March, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday … Continue reading