Hi guys,

This post is an idea that I got from Jenna as an alternative to “favourites”! I’m always looking to try different things so here we go…..

I am currently……

Watching…..”The Mindy Project” – Mindy Kaling is hilarious! I am obsessed with this show nowadays. It’s about a doctor who is trying to get her life back in order, her good looking coworkers and how she goes about everyday life. She is awesome, you must check this show out! 


 Listening….to the new Alicia Keys album “Girl on Fire”. I can’t help it, I have loved Alicia Keys since “fallin'” and this album does not disappoint. My favourite songs are: “Not even the King”, “Limitedless” and of course “Girl on Fire”. 

 Eating…..pesto. I only just tried making pesto at home a few days ago. Why did I wait so long?! It is delicious! I will have to keep trying to perfect it though – cut out the oil content and try to form a better texture. Once I do, I will share the recipe on the blog! 

Organising…..a book club! I’m so excited about this – I love reading so a club where we can chit chat about the same book and have snacks makes me happy. 

Reading……”A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry. I’ve reached 40% on my kindle and it is such a well written, beautiful read. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new book. 

Inspired by……this video. Isn’t life amazing?

Your turn! What are you currently doing? 🙂



















2 thoughts on “Currently

    • Haha thanks Dixya! 🙂 A lot of people have no idea where Gib is because it’s so tiny. If you ever come to the south of Spain you have to cross the border and see it!

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