The Sonal Project

The title of this post was taken from my very favourite show “The Mindy Project” – written and acted by Mindy Kaling whom I find so entertaining, if you haven’t seen it – you must! I’m currently reading her book “Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)”. 

After a couple of months away, my regular readers (if there are any ;)) must be wondering where the heck I am……and here is an update for you, mum: 

1. I turned 25 on April 1st. Not gonna lie that was pretty scary – I debated on whether I should put up a “25 things I learned…” but really that would be unrealistic because I’m still such a work in progress. I do however know that:


2. A London trip in April turned out to be quite an experience with an annual 3 day spirituality lecture leading up to my favourite boys’ 2nd birthday:


3. I moved house from literally two buildings away. I love my new place but my goodness – how do I get these boxes to unpack themselves? 

4. I am now obsessed with the American TV show “The Office”. Steve Carrell is hilarious! As all my favourite shows have ended for the summer and everyone was so upset about The Office coming to an end, I finally decided to check it out – i’m just slow retro like that.

5.  Two months of hardcore boot camp has left me with a new appreciation of a life without boot camp! Life now feels like such a breeze! 🙂 Waking up at 6am three times a week was definitely not my style but I do admit it was amazing to work out in the middle of the night when you’re half asleep because I spend the rest of the day wondering if it was just a dream. 😉 

6. I am officially co-president of a book club! This might seem like fun and games but oh my gosh running a book club is no joke, especially when you have almost 20 members! We choose a book each month with a vote (and a lot of diplomacy), have two meetings a month that usually consist of 10/12 people with 2 members leading the discussion. It feels quite like english class which is perfect. Expect some book reviews coming your way! 

7. Healthy eating has been going well for the last couple of months, I think I found a happy rhythm. Weekdays mostly consist of green monsters or egg breakfasts, salads for lunch and fish or tofu with sweet potato for dinner. With slight variations here and there, but I am a creature of routine and this suits me well. Weekends are a bit more relaxed where I allow myself to the luxury of ice cream and other yummy carbs. I have found that without sweet foods during the week my body doesn’t really crave much on the weekends, and if it does small doses are sufficient. My sweet tooth threshold has definitely decreased! 

8. Movie wise, I cannot get over The Great Gatsby! It was magnificent 🙂 Leonardo DiCaprio just gets better with age.

I cannot imagine a post that is more egotistical – and I do not want to count how many “I”s have been used in this post. For this, I apologise! I‘m just so happy to be back onto the blog and I missed this creative outlet. Hope that we are all caught up! 

See you soon with some scrumptious recipes, book reviews and general thoughts about life…..:) 


4 thoughts on “The Sonal Project

  1. Yay great to see you back, Sonal :)! Your mom makes me laugh- she reminds me a lot of mine i.e. a few days off blogging and she is like ‘what’s going on…go back and blog’! I’m so with you about Great Gatsby- I loved the book and the movie too..such a visual treat 🙂

  2. Thanks Khushboo, i’m glad to be back! 🙂 Oh gosh I think all mums are the same! Loll! You are so good with your blog though, i’m sure you don’t give yours a chance 😉

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