London Restaurant Review

Hii everyone! I was in London last week and I had such a great time babysitting my little nephews, meeting friends and eating….a lot, and it was worth every bite. I love trying new places in London! So without further adieu, here are my restaurant reviews 😉 This is a long post, so get comfy. 1. … Continue reading

Iron Woman

Guys, I have been feeling drained recently. I went to collect my blood results the other day and the doctor informed me that my iron was way below what it should be at a measly 3.2 μMol/l when the usual range varies from 8.8 – 27.0 μMol/l. This is a wide gap and can depend on … Continue reading

The Help

  This book is definitely in my list for favourite books of all time. It teaches you about women, about the situation for African Americans in the southern states of America in the early 1960s, it teaches you about society and about humanity in general. I LOVE it.  That’s why I read it twice.  The … Continue reading