Hiii everyone!

Welcome to Eat, Love, Glow! Thank you for visiting 🙂 My name is Sonal and I started this blog as an outlet for my new drive towards healthy eating and a better lifestyle. I only started paying real attention to what I ate sometime last year when I started reading other wellness blogs. These blogs changed my life and suddenly I also wanted to be part of this world that involved taking better care of yourself.

This inner pull towards healthy eating did not fade away as many of my new obsessions do, and I really knew that this was right for me when I got so happy after finding chia seeds at a health food store. I was truly inspired. Discovering new recipes everyday as well as trying different forms of exercise have taken me further into this path. I am so far from being an expert in this field but every day that I learn something new,  or try something new,  I feel it helps me to discover more about myself.

I do believe in balance and that life is to be enjoyed in the way one chooses, so I would never try to force anyone into this lifestyle. Hence, after my friends and family had been worn out by my excitement over flax (it is amazing you guys), I figured a blog would be the perfect way for me to share my thoughts!

A little bit more about myself: I am a 24 years old and have finally moved back home to Gibraltar after studying in the UK for the past few years. Here, the weather is beautiful, the lifestyle is Mediterranean and I am surrounded by my family and childhood friends. I feel blessed for being alive and healthy and hope to share this positive energy on the blog. I truly believe that wellbeing starts from the inside out and if you have the will to achieve something, then there is no stopping you!

I also love ice cream so here is an appropriate picture of me with some gelato:

Gelato in one hand and hat in the other roaming around Rome


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