Happy things

1. A random act of kindness e.g. a stranger sharing their umbrella with you on a stormy evening. 2. Finding a parking space during peak season 3. The excitement driving to the airport to pick up a loved one 4. A beautiful sunset 5. Holding a baby and taking in their freshness. 6. Laughing with … Continue reading

Scallop stir fry with peanut sauce

Hii all, After Mildreds I had this roaring desire to create a stir fry soo good (and nutritious) it would blow all the other stir fries away. First of all, the sauce had to be fresh. Most of the store bought stir fry sauces have sugar as their first ingredient and that is usually followed … Continue reading

London Restaurant Review

Hii everyone! I was in London last week and I had such a great time babysitting my little nephews, meeting friends and eating….a lot, and it was worth every bite. I love trying new places in London! So without further adieu, here are my restaurant reviews 😉 This is a long post, so get comfy. 1. … Continue reading

Iron Woman

Guys, I have been feeling drained recently. I went to collect my blood results the other day and the doctor informed me that my iron was way below what it should be at a measly 3.2 μMol/l when the usual range varies from 8.8 – 27.0 μMol/l. This is a wide gap and can depend on … Continue reading

The Help

  This book is definitely in my list for favourite books of all time. It teaches you about women, about the situation for African Americans in the southern states of America in the early 1960s, it teaches you about society and about humanity in general. I LOVE it.  That’s why I read it twice.  The … Continue reading

Hearty Mung Bean Salad

Oh my gosh you guys, two words – mung beans – where have they been all my life? They are delicious! I could not believe the amazing salad that was created yesterday, I need to use that emoticon with the two hearts as eyes because that was exactly how I felt when looking at it….. … Continue reading

Vegan Banana Bread

Hiii guys ! Last week we had three black bananas in our fruit bowl. I tried my best to finish them with green monsters in the days before, but three is a difficult number of bananas to overcome! My mother was panicking that she would have to throw them away and she despises waste…. What … Continue reading