Hearty Mung Bean Salad

Oh my gosh you guys, two words – mung beans – where have they been all my life? They are delicious! I could not believe the amazing salad that was created yesterday, I need to use that emoticon with the two hearts as eyes because that was exactly how I felt when looking at it….. … Continue reading

I love Chocolate

And don’t we all? Usually I have enough self control to restrict myself to a one piece of Lindt dark chocolate in the evening which sweetens up the end of my day. I am aware that if there is a box of chocolates at home, it probably won’t be there for long as, although i … Continue reading

Back on track

Hi everyone, I found the cutest, fruit-inspired body image lesson: If that doesn’t make you smile on a Monday, i don’t know what will! I especially like the kiwi touch – hairiness is not a joke when your Indian! haha! So, don’t make the fruits feel bad, eat them all this week 🙂 As for … Continue reading

The green monster

Green is my all time favourite colour. When I was much younger I loved green because it meant “let’s goo!”  at the traffic lights. My mum’s favourite colour was red, of course, and I just did not understand it. I also enjoyed that green was the colour of nature, the grass and the trees. As … Continue reading

The dirty 12 and the clean 15

Happy Monday peeps! Hope everyone had a great weekend, I sure did! It involved swimming and sunshine, ice-cream and other delicious foods! 😀 I’m still getting used to blogging so once I remember to whip out the camera and click a few pictures during the cooking process, I will start posting some recipes. I’m usually … Continue reading