The Help

  This book is definitely in my list for favourite books of all time. It teaches you about women, about the situation for African Americans in the southern states of America in the early 1960s, it teaches you about society and about humanity in general. I LOVE it.  That’s why I read it twice.  The … Continue reading

God is playing tricks on me

Hiii hunnies!  There has been quite a gap since my last post – in between I went to America (Los Angeles, Arizona and Las Vegas) for my cousin’s wedding :). It was a fabulous holiday! However, this year is turning out to be quite a surprising one for me and I wanted to share with … Continue reading

Two Thousand And Thirteen

Happy new year everyone! 🙂 Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous year ahead!  I know some people find new year’s eve overrated, but there is always this excitement that overwhelms me when the year is ending: a fresh start waiting ahead, an end of an era. And for that, I find it’s the one … Continue reading

The last three weeks….

Hiiii sweet peas, I’m sorry I have been so bad at posting during November, so much had been going on and i’m quite bad at multi-tasking! But lets catch up, shall we?  I was so proud of my mum for wanting to give out healthy granola to our friends and families for diwali, instead of … Continue reading

Thank you, yoga

Hiii all, After a long summer, yoga class resumed this week and boy was I excited about it. I feel it is a great way to re-charge myself and I LOVE the people I meet there. A lot of them are very inspiring and my way of thinking aways changes after a refreshing class.  Yesterday … Continue reading

Life is too short

Hi all, I mentioned that we lost someone close to us last week in a car accident. Gibraltar mourned for the better part of last week over this beautiful young girl – she was only 30 years old with a 1 year old daughter and a loving husband. She was a doctor and one of … Continue reading