Hearty Mung Bean Salad

Oh my gosh you guys, two words – mung beans – where have they been all my life? They are delicious! I could not believe the amazing salad that was created yesterday, I need to use that emoticon with the two hearts as eyes because that was exactly how I felt when looking at it….. … Continue reading

Vegan Banana Bread

Hiii guys ! Last week we had three black bananas in our fruit bowl. I tried my best to finish them with green monsters in the days before, but three is a difficult number of bananas to overcome! My mother was panicking that she would have to throw them away and she despises waste…. What … Continue reading

Homemade Pho

Hi sunshines! I might have gone a bit over the top with the sunny weather and the ice cream last week and boy did I regret it when a sore throat turned into a full blown flu. That’s right, runny nose, fits of sneezing, watery eyes……all very attractive 😉 When someone has the flu in … Continue reading

The Book Thief

We read this book last month at the Book Club and there were mixed reviews over it. Some people thought it was depressing or long, I actually mostly enjoyed it. Albeit there were some slow parts to the story but the I found the whole idea of the book quite original and inspiring even.  The … Continue reading

Buttermilk Cupcakes

Hiii guys!  I know this is a healthy eating blog but once in a while, a girl has to have cupcakes.  This recipe has got to be shared because it is so easy and will have you baking up a batch of fluffy cupcakes for any occasion! Also, It’s a lot lighter than other ways … Continue reading

The Sonal Project

The title of this post was taken from my very favourite show “The Mindy Project” – written and acted by Mindy Kaling whom I find so entertaining, if you haven’t seen it – you must! I’m currently reading her book “Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)”.  After a couple of months away, … Continue reading