HK in a nutshell

Hiiii everyone, I’m baaaackk! And coming home always feels so good! How are you all? Hong Kong was unlike anywhere else, it was pretty amazing and I couldn’t wait to tell you guys about it. Don’t you feel like when you travel to a completely foreign country it is such an enriching experience?  You get … Continue reading

Good morning from Hong Kong

Hiii everyone, Good morning from Hong Kong! I have only  been here once when I was 16 for a wedding and so I feel like this is my first time properly seeing this beautiful country! It is so hot here 😀 On arrival, I was greeted by this: And after a day of exploring, there … Continue reading

Monday funday

  Hiii guys!  How were your weekends? “Calentita”on Friday night was so much fun and much larger than I thought. The Indian stall was a big success and there were tons and tons of people wanting some grub. The pressure was definitely on! I played the waitress that night and it was everything that I imagined … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

Hiii sweet peas! Doesn’t Mother’s day usually get all the hype? Today I wanted to dedicate a post to celebrate my dad! The brains behind our family….whilst my mum and I go shopping 😉 My dad has taught me some great qualities….(some of which I am still learning) Honesty is the best policy To always … Continue reading

Butternut squash Mac’n Cheese

Hey guys! The weekend is here! And as a treat, I have the best recipe to share with you all today, I even remembered to whip out my camera and take a few pictures in all the excitement. This dish has actually changed my life. Its vegan, it is wildly delicious and has actually surpassed … Continue reading

Eating habits

Hiii everyone, For those of you who are doing Mondays challenge, how are you finding it? In honour of steps week, I went up the Med steps again yesterday! It was great, actually went a lot faster this time only stopping to “look at the view” (which was really my excuse to get some breaths … Continue reading

June Favourites

Happy Monday y’all! Mid-June is approaching (oh my gosh!) and summer is officially here. These are 10 things for the 6th month that I am loving right now: 1. Laura Mercier blush – “Rose bloom”. I have never seen my cheeks so vibrant! 2. Girl time – sunshine means more going out for drinks/ ice … Continue reading